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One step farther in space

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NASA leverages Goldfire so teams across locations and departments have access to critical data.

NASA turned to Goldfire when their technical team asked for a better way to find information. With NASA’s multiple research centers, test facilities, and flight centers, organization-wide data was quickly buried and lost for (seemingly) forever.

Enter Goldfire. Goldfire changed the game for NASA’s engineers and researchers, allowing them to solve their problems in just a few hours – something that previously took them weeks or longer to complete. 

Today, as NASA builds out its Orion program, which intends to send the first woman and next man to the moon by 2024, they turn to Goldfire.

“IHS Markit Goldfire returned the results instantly. The [Orion] engineer was astounded because he didn’t have to spend hours reading through volumes of information. He was able to access good, relevant, information that dug down deep and focused only on what was useful. That’s invaluable”. 
David Meza, Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA Johnson Space Center.

Goldfire has helped NASA, one of the world’s largest government agencies, minimize waste, rework, reinvention, and redundancy. Not to mention, its AI technology is helping get astronauts to the moon…and someday, beyond.

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