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Saving lives: using innovation in blood bank technology

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Every 3 seconds, someone in the world needs a blood transfusion. In the US alone, that means 4.5 million lives saved each year by transfusions.

Immucor, Inc plays a huge role in this. They develop, manufacture, and sell products to hospital transfusion centers, blood donor centers, and clinical labs to ensure blood testing is done safely and accurately. But these tests are performed manually by specialized technologists – an aging workforce that medical universities are struggling to replace. Recently, hospitals have turned their attention to Immucor looking for blood bank solutions and innovative products to ensure patient safety.

Immucor knew they needed to focus on research and development, and to do it fast. They turned to Goldfire to help improve research efficiency and speed up problem understanding as they innovate. And it’s working. Goldfire’s troubleshooting capabilities allowed Immucor to see their products, research, and the company’s path forward with a new perspective. With Goldfire, the pressure of innovation no longer felt like pressure, but an opportunity to expand what’s really possible in cutting-edge blood bank technology.

Goldfire offers functionality to help us do root cause analysis to speed up our ability to resolve issues. It supports our formal design control processes very well.

Dr. Lyle Sinor,
Vice President of Research and Development, Immucor, Inc

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