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Designing the future of aerospace

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Goldfire is a catalyst for innovation and is playing a key role in advancing the research and development efforts that contribute to our company’s market-leading position in the launcher business

Denis Clerc, Senior Manager of Innovation at Airbus

Helping Airbus deliver innovative solutions to the ever-changing race for space with efficiency, accuracy, and creativity.

The challenge of creating spacecrafts that are the best of their kind – lightweight, temperature resistant, sustainable, and capable of carrying larger payloads – is creating an aerospace revolution. It’s a race against time, but Airbus Defence and Space isn’t intimidated by a challenge.

Despite having some of the most skilled engineers and research and development workers in the world, Airbus realized that their team was hitting dead ends because of their many sources for information, multiple logins, and lack of access to outside research. This meant innovation was stalled or slowed, and workers were wasting time navigating systems rather than discovering and delivering answers.

Enter Goldfire

Goldfire removed those barriers for Airbus, centralizing all of their internal and external information, streamlining problem solving and offering data analysis and interpretation for possible innovations going forward.

Since Goldfire was introduced as the primary tool for researchers, Airbus has seen a 30% reduction in research time. This has allowed the company to innovate more quickly and advance their sustainability and safety goals on a shorter timeline.

Today, Airbus continues to use Goldfire for problem solving, information sourcing, and idea creation across the company. As they look toward the future, Airbus recognizes that their market-leading position depends on their ability to be agile and adapt to their surroundings, as the race for space is no easy task. Any time they save using Goldfire helps us all get to a safer and cleaner world, quicker.

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